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March 13
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You were on the Hellcarrier hiding behind Thor looking around nervously, you were a small innocent 12 year old. Your mother was friends with The Avengers and helped them defeat evil, but sadly, your mother and father passed away leaving you with no one to take care of you. But luckily, The Avengers would take you in and take care of you.

Thor gently picked you up and put you on his shoulders, "Don't be scared, these are good friends of mine, they will take good care of you..." Thor smiled as Tony led you and Thor into a room where the rest of The Avengers were.

Thor took you off his shoulders and put on the floor, the rest of The Avengers stood in a line, "This is Dr. Banner..." Thor said.

You gasped and looked up at Bruce Banner, "Hulkie..." You muttered softly.

"This is Captain America..." Thor whispered to you.

You looked up at Steve Rogers who smiled at you, "The First Avenger..." You muttered to yourself looking down shyly.

"This is Hawkeye and The Black Widow..." Thor whispered to you.

You hid behind Thor scared to look at The Black Widow.

"And than there's Tony and me..." Thor smiled and picked you up holding you close.

You smiled and snuggled up to Thor holding a stuffed mint bunny close to you, you saw a man with an eye-patch walk toward The Avengers.

"We have captured Loki, he is under heavy guard..." Nick Fury said.

You jumped out of Thor's arms and skipped around, you ended up finding yourself lost, you walked into a room and saw a big glass cage, you gasped seeing a man with long black hair.
You hugged your mint coloured stuffed bunny and slowly walked toward the glass cage, "Who're you?" You asked.

"I am Loki... of Asgard..." The man knelt down and looked at you curiously, "What is your name?" Loki asked.

"____________..." You replied looking down shyly.

"Hello __________" Loki smirked, "How about... you do me a little favour... let me out of this big cage..." Loki smiled.

You looked at Loki, "Aren't bad people caged up for a reason..." You muttered.

"I'm not a bad person... just misunderstood..." Loki said, "Now go over there and press the green button please" Loki smiled.

"You must promise to be my best friend first..." You pouted.

Loki looked at you and nodded his head, "Promise" Loki said.

"You must pinkie swear when I let you out..." You muttered softly and ran over pressing the green button, you heard the cage door open, you turned around and saw Loki gone, you looked down sadly and hugged your bunny running to your room that you were staying in.

You climbed onto the bed and hid under the covers hugging your mint bunny tightly, you than began sobbing quietly.

Loki appeared in your room, he gently lifted the blankets and peaked underneath seeing a small child sobbing, "Hello there..." Loki smiled.

You pouted and turned away from Loki sobbing more.

"I was just getting my helmet... I was going to come right back..." Loki said pulling the blankets off you, Loki sat on the bed and put out his pinkie, "Best friends..." Loki smiled.

You turned away from Loki again, "Why would you want to be friends with me?" You sniffled.

Loki picked you up and sat you in his lap, "Who wouldn't want to be friends with you..." Loki chuckled and put his pinkie up again, "I promise to be your best friend till the end of time" Loki smiled.

You sniffed and wiped your tears pinkie swearing with Loki, "Best friends forever" You smiled happily hugging Loki.

Loki was shocked at you hugging him, he slowly hugged back smiling a bit.

You looked up at Loki's helmet, you stared at it as it shined in the light.

Loki took off his helmet and placed it on your head, clearly it was too big but Loki laughed and placed it back on his head.

You giggled cutely and hugged Loki.

"How about we go have some fun..." Loki smiled and picked you up putting you on his shoulders, Loki carried you out of the room.

You both snuck around the Hellcarrier playing hilarious pranks on The Avengers, you and Loki were having a blast, you loved your new best friend.

But suddenly S.H.I.E.L.D. agents came out of nowhere and pointed guns at Loki, "Stay where you are!" One of the men shouted as a bunch of red dots appeared on Loki's chest and face, he carefully put you down and kissed your forehead.

You clinged to Loki hugging his legs, "Don't hurt my best friend!" You cried.

"I'll be fine..." Loki smiled for you and knelt down hugging you.

Thor quickly picked you up, Thor looked at Loki for a moment than walked away with you in his arms.

You tried your best to pull away from Thor's grasp but you couldn't, you soon began sobbing in Thor's arms.

Thor held you close and brought you into your room, Thor sat you on the bed.

"When do I get to see my best friend again...?" You asked.

"Not for a while hunny..." Thor said kissing your forehead, Thor sighed and helped you get under the covers, "Time for bed..." Thor said turning out the lights and walking out of the room, Thor sighed sadly.

You sat up sighing sadly, "I miss Loki..." You muttered to yourself holding your mint coloured stuffed bunny, "I promise I will see you again..." You whispered to yourself and lay down snuggling into the blankets falling sound asleep.
This is a request for: :devdukesblade13:
Sorry it took so long darling, hope you like it C:

Thinking of doing a part two... but like future kind of thing... :3
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