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Director Fury dragged Mikayla down underground Stark Tower and into a secret lab where he made her step into a clear glass box; Director Fury closed the box and locked it.

"Let's see if you pass this test" Director Fury smirked as he walked over to a control panel and pressed a few buttons.

Bruce and Tony suddenly ran into the room.

"Let her go Fury!" Tony shouted.

The glass box slowly began to fill up with water as Mikayla looked down curiously.

"You’re going to drown her?!" Tony growled at Director Fury, "It is a test to see if she dies or not" Director Fury said.

“What if she does die!?” Tony growled at Director Fury.

“Then she doesn't pass the test” Director Fury said sternly.

“No! I won’t let you hurt her!” Bruce shouted as he walked over to the glass box kicking and punching the glass as hard as he could.

“Dr. Banner, that is Gorilla glass, you cannot break it” Director Fury said letting out a slight chuckle.

“Yeah, well I know someone who can” Bruce growled angrily at Director Fury, “Now let her go before the other guy destroys this lab!” Bruce growled.

“She will most likely past the test Dr. Banner…” Director Fury said looking a bit worried.

The glass box filled up with water about half way as Mikayla looked at Bruce curiously and smiled at him cutely.

Bruce looked at Mikayla worried as he watched the water rise above Mikayla’s head.

Mikayla began panicking as she banged on the glass looking at Bruce scared.

“She’s going to die!” Bruce cried growling angrily at Director Fury.

“Give her a few minutes…” Director Fury said sternly.

“She doesn't have a few minutes!” Bruce growled angrily grabbing Director Fury pinning him against the wall.

“Bruce…. Let him go…” Tony said trying his best to turn the water off, “I can’t do anything Bruce! The water won’t drain!” Tony shouted.

Bruce winced falling to the floor, Bruce’s skin turned green as he roared angrily smashing the glass.

Mikayla fell to the floor; she was unconscious and barely breathing.

Tony quickly ran to Mikayla.

The Hulk turned and roared at Director Fury angrily.

“Bruce! Don’t worry… she’s still breathing…” Tony carefully picked Mikayla up and brought her to the top floor where he brought Mikayla into Bruce’s room and gently lay her down.

Loki suddenly appeared in front of Tony.

Tony quickly took a step back, “What the hell are you doing here Reindeer games?” Tony asked looking at Mikayla worried.

“I’m taking my daughter back to Asgard…. That’s what I’m doing” Loki said sternly.

“I thought Bruce was allowed to care for her for a while…?” Tony looked at Loki.

“Tis not safe for her here…” Loki said as he carefully picked Mikayla up holding her in his arms.
“Bruce is going to be furious… he’s going to be heartbroken… he loves Mikayla very much and you can’t just take her away from Bruce like this!” Tony shouted.

“Mikayla is not his daughter, me and my wife will take care of here because she is our daughter” Loki growled and soon disappeared.

Moments later a half dressed Bruce stumbled into the room.

“I-Is Mikayla okay?” Bruce asked falling to his knees looking absolutely exhausted.
Tony sighed and took a deep breathe turning and looking at Bruce.

“Where’s Mikayla?” Bruce asked looking up at Tony.

“She’s gone… Loki came and took her… I’m sorry Bruce…” Tony sighed and helped Bruce up.

Bruce looked at Tony surprised, “But I’m supposed to take care of her for a while…” Bruce looked down sadly, “I knew it was a mistake bringing her back, I knew I would never get to take care of her…” Bruce sighed.

“Bruce… your brought _________’s child back, maybe this means Loki will finally leave earth alone… you know if you haven’t of brought Mikayla back, _________ would have killed herself…” Tony said.

“But I’ll never see her again!” Bruce shouted angrily at Tony.

“You don’t know that Bruce… Mikayla might come back and visit you…” Tony smiled for Bruce.

Bruce took a deep breath and looked down sadly.

“I can only wish that she comes and visits me…” Bruce sighed.
Sorry it's been so long since I posted a Chapter my darlings :3
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bandbabe2009 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Student Photographer
Figures Mikayla would get into the hands of Fury! Then Fury tries to drown her? Back off Fury, you ruin every thing. She was for surely going to die! WTF! Yes I broke our deal, we want our precious girl back in our arms so we can raise her, NOT YOU BRUCE! If we allow it she can visit you, but that's HIGHLY UNLIKELY BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID AND HAVE DONE! Onwrd to the next chapter!
bllna4e Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
I need more Loki x Reader, less that little brat and Bruce's obsession with her ._. More mischief :3
bllna4e Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
p.s. I started reading this yesterday.... :3
CreepyNaruPokeGhibli Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-_- *sigh* I'm done!
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