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June 25, 2013
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You walked through the forest grasping your flashlight tightly, You were terrified of the dark and wished to god you could do anything to get out of the forest, You felt like an idiot for going into the forest even though people around town told you whoever went in the forest, usually never came out alive.

Suddenly you heard footsteps behind you, you screamed running and hiding behind a tree, You panted heavily, your heart raced as you closed you eyes tightly taking a deep breathe trying to calm yourself down.

"Come on... Pull yourself together... You won't get taken... You won't..." You muttered to yourself.

You heard more footsteps behind you as you squeaked and ran out from behind the tree.

You saw an old abandoned house as you smiled in relief and ran toward it, but when you ran up to the door trying to open it, it was locked and wouldn't budge.

"No no no!" You cried as you heard the footsteps getting louder.

You quickly ran to a window and broke it climbing through, Your sweater caught on a shard of broken glass, You cut your arm wincing dropping your flashlight.

You growled pulling your sweater off, you ran upstairs as fast as you could running into a room and closing the door locking it and pushing a dresser in front of the door.

You panted heavily shaking, you sat down in the middle of the room trying to calm yourself down.

"Come on.... Calm down girl..." You muttered softly.

Suddenly the closet doors swung open as you screamed quickly backing away, but all that jumped out at you was a tiny mouse.

You smiled and laughed at yourself as the tiny mouse ran into a whole in the wall.

"Jeez girl, it was just a bloody mouse..." You giggled and winced a big because of the huge gash in your arm.

"Stupid window..." You muttered under your breathe as suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder.

You closed your eyes tightly, "Slenderman, Slenderman, Slenderman...." You muttered softly absolutely terrified.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist as black tentacle like arms wrapped around your neck and legs.

"Greetings darling..." A voice muttered.

You tried to scream but nothing came out, "S-S-Sle-ende-erman..." You muttered.
"Shhh... I'm not going to hurt you..." The voice muttered.

"Y-Yes y-you will.... Y-Your going t-to take m-me away... like all the other p-people you have kidnapped..." You said.

"No... your different... I would never hurt you..." The voice muttered.

"Your lying..." You shouted trying your best to pull away but he was too strong.

"No I'm not..." The voice said sternly.

You tried to pull away again and successfully did as you got up but tripped falling to the floor, You crawled away panting heavily absolutely terrified, You got up once more but felt something wrap around your legs and drag you toward the bed.

The tentacle like arms picked you up sitting you on the bed.

You saw standing before you, a tall man in a clean black suit, his skin completely white, he had no mouth, no eyes, just a blank face.

You backed away into the corner shaking.

"I don't want to die... " You muttered beginning to sob.

The Slenderman slightly put his head to the side as he climbed onto the bed and sat in front of you, he gently lifted your chin.

You didn't dare to open your eyes as tears continued to stream down your cheeks.

"Please don't cry..." The Slenderman begged gently wiping your tears.

You slowly opened her eyes sniffling, "Why shouldn't I...? I know your going to take me away and torture me and probably end up killing me..." You muttered softly looking at the blank face that had no emotion but to you, it almost looked sad.

"I'm not going to torture you.... or kill you... I would never even think of hurting you..." The Slenderman said.

"B-But why...? I'm just any other teenage girl in the world..." You said.

"No your not... Your different from all the other girls... You don't deserve to be yelled at or beaten like your parents did to you.." The Slenderman let out a slight growl.

You looked at him surprised, "H-How do you know that...?" You asked.

"I've been watching you since you were a little girl... You don't deserve to be treated like that ________" The Slenderman said.

You looked at him sadly, "Yes I did deserve it... I did bad things and that's why the Police are after me..." You muttered.

The Slenderman let out another growl, "You did not deserve to be treated like that!" The Slenderman shouted angrily.

You flinched whimpering slightly.

"I-I didn't mean to shout..." The Slenderman sighed looking down.

You looked at him curiously and gently lifted his chin and kissed his cheek, "It's okay..." You whispered softly.

The Slenderman wrapped his arms around your waist as you blushed a bit, You wrapped your arms around his neck smiling slightly, The Slenderman held you close.

"I promise I will do anything to protect you, anything..." The Slenderman whispered to you.

You smiled and giggled cutely, You seemed to love his embrace and almost never wanted to let go, "And I promise to protect my Slenderman" You smirked kissing him passionately.

The Slenderman pulled you closer and gently stroked your hair and didn't say a word just held you protectively in his arms for the whole night.
Yayz! Slenderman! :P
I love the Slenderman, he is my favorite CreepyPasta character and yes I do believe that he exists. XD
Anyways I hope you enjoy :)
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